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The IPAC Manitoba Education Committee is comprised of three members elected by quorum every other year (at every other election). The committee plans programs of varied scope to meet the needs of, and empower, the membership and other health care disciplines. The Education Committee is tasked with promoting the educational activities of the organization.  The Education Committee members often present evidence – based education sessions and external experts are also solicited to share and present their expertise.

Education sessions are held in conjunction with the chapter's regular meetings. In addition, the Education Committee coordinates an annual member education half day, open to IPAC Manitoba members only, where current pressing topics are discussed and presented by local experts. As well, IPAC Manitoba offers an annual Educational Conference coordinated by both the Education Committee and the Finance Committee. This day is open to any healthcare professionals interested in learning about infection prevention and control.


IPAC Canada National Conference 2020 Save the Date!


IPAC Canada National Conference 2020 Preliminary Program


IPAC Manitoba Annual Conference Day Agenda - Friday, June 14, 2019


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/photos/custom/IPAC MB 2019 Auditing Notes.pdf

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Presentations from IPAC MB Member Education Day – November 5, 2018

Presentations from 2018 Annual Conference

Presentations from the 2017 Annual Conference [view photos]

Presentations from the 2016 Annual Conference

Presentations from the 2015 Annual Conference

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Annual Conference Agenda 2018 Conference 2018 Download